Adidas Cinemagraph Advertisement

Adidas Cinemagraph Advertisement

I have designed a case study for Adidas to have a cinemagraph advertisement that will not only expand their target audience reach but differentiate Adidas from their competitors. 

What is a cinemagraph?

A cinemagraph is a still photograph that has minor repetitive movement to make a short video.

What are the benefits of a cinemagraph?

The benefits of a cinemagraph is that you are able to create a wow factor by showing your audience something new and never seen before. It is rare to find an object that should be moving in a video but it stays completely still. It also expands your target audience to a younger crowd while capturing the attention of your older customers. Which allows you to also stand out from your competitors as a company. 

Adidas Cinemagraph Video Case Study

Target Audience:

Young adults to middle aged people who are looking for comfort and style in shoes.

The reason I had chosen this brand to create a cinemagraph was that their products are relevant and Adidas is a strong company that can use cinemagraphs as a form of advertisement to attract more customers and become more profitable. 

Value Proposition:

“Comfort in every walk, leap and run you take.” This value proposition is intended to highlight and inform my audience about the comfort of these shoes when walking to any destination. It is to encourage a healthy, adventurous lifestyle in comfort and style. That differentiates Adidas from their competitor.

Rough Storyboard Concepts

Original Adidas Cinemagraph Concept

Finalized Storyboard Concept

Final Adidas Cinemagraph Concept

Scouting Locations

I had to initially “Pre-pro” and scout the shoot locations, to find a suitable environment to support the message. Using a rig with my camera and the Adidas shoe I was able to record the scenery and mask out the shoe so the lighting and laces stay the exact same in each motion in every new location.


There were some challenges to this project. Shooting the cinemagraph was tricky because the weather was not always on my side when trying to go out and record the video. Another challenge was finding different locations that an average person may travel and be familiar with. If the shoe wasn’t at the correct angle either it would not successfully look as though it was touching the ground.

Social Post

I also conceived and wrote a social media post intended to support the CG’s visual message. Stating “With Adidas, experience comfort with every step, leap or run you take. You can do anything, go anywhere and explore the world with #adidas #shoes. Take us on your next adventure today.”

The social post was also designed to support Search Engine Optimization, and Google search through the use of these keywords such as “Adidas, comfort, shoes, and adventure”.

Final Cinemagraph

Final Adidas Cinemagraph Advertisment

If you or your company would like to have a cinemagraph advertisement and to find out more information on how to make your business profitable you can contact me here. You can also visit any of my social media for other projects on instagram, twitter, facebook or youtube.

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