Production Infographic & Animation


Based on a previous infographic poster project the assignment was to turn a 2D infographic into an animation. While taking a 2D infographic and making it 3D a requirement was to also make use of the Z-axis to give the animation a sense of depth. The original infographic poster is about the difference between digital and offset printing.

Digital vs. Offset Production Infograph
Digital vs. Offset Printing 2D Infographic

Design Process

Before production I started storyboarding out all of my content. Then I prceeded to create an animation based on my storyboard. After producing the animatic I had to cut out some of the content as the animation had a time limit. Originally it was about 2 minutes and 30 seconds but I managed to trim down the content to 1 minute and 30 seconds. You can see my storyboard and animatic pre-planned process below. By planning out each frame, transition, audio, type treatment and color you will have an easier time creating any animation by following the pre-production animatic.

Final Infographic Animatic

Final Execution

In the production of this project I followed closely to my storyboard and animatic. Based on the CMYK colors and my mood board inspiration I began creating and using icons that would best represent each frame in my animation. You will see the final animation below with the use of camera movements, sound effects, voice over, music, and high resolution graphics.

Digital vs. Offset Printing Infographic Animation

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