Informational Infographic on Interactive Theater

Theater Infographic
Interactive Theater Arts Infographic

Why Design an Infographic?

What better way to showcase information to a target audience about your services, field of work, hobbies and more? Info graph’s, when designed properly, are the perfect way to showcase your message. Not only is an informational graphic filled with useful and valuable content to your target audience but it’s also highly engaging with the right concept and imagery to truly represent your message.

Concept Before Completion:

Sketch of Interactive Theater Info Graph

Prior to any digital work being completed, you must provide concepts with pen and paper. This allows for a different perspective and possibility to find what works and what does not in a matter of minutes. Without this step you may miss an idea, concept or fact that makes the post and graphic more valuable to the audience.

Get Your Message Out with Social Media

After completion of the informational graphic you need to now put the final completed concept in front of your target audience. The fastest and easiest way to do this is through the use of social media. There are numerous platforms availiable to post any type of content but you can’t just post an image. You also need a content rich social post script that will help you target your audience.

This interactive theater infographic was posted throughout my social media pages on facebook, twitter and instagram. Each post script was modified to specifically target my audience. You can view the posts below and see how an info graph can be translated across numerous platforms for brand consistency, engagement and provide the viewers with information.

Social Post Script:

Be a part of a #community through #interactive #theatre#arts #performances. 🎭If you’re looking to get out after a year of staying in the house, #experience something new with #interactive#theater#performances. 🎞 DM me today to find out more and how you can be a part of the #big#picture or visit🎬

Facebook Infographic Social Media Post
Twitter Infographic Social Media Post
Instagram Infographic Social Media Post

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