Project Management: RKO Shadow-casting Community Arts

During the month of May, I had the opportunity to manage a project for the RKO Army. Through my research and knowledge of project management and the triple constraint theory I was able to apply this to my interaction with my client for a successful project management experience. 

Project Management Infographic
“Project Management: Benefits for Your Business” Informational Infographic

Who is the RKO Army?

RKO Army Logo

The RKO Army is a shadow casing performance art community group that performs in Southern New England. They are an inclusive, welcoming entertainment group that enjoys working with like-minded people and venues. 

The ultimate goal of this project that I managed for the RKO Army is to bring new people in to be a part of their already established community. When discussing with my client there were certain things that needed to be clarified for this project such as, what a shadow cast is.

My target audience is like-minded individuals who are looking for a place to belong and be a part of a community. The goal of this project is to gain knowledge of this group and focus on what they do in the most simplistic way possible through the use of my deliverables.

Design Project Deliverables:

  • RKO Army 2022 Convention Logo
  • 2 Brochures
    • Information for audience
    • Informational for possible venues
  • Business Card 
  • Informational Fill Out Card
  • Social Media and Web Post (for convention)

These deliverables were also presented in a timing and action calendar in order to prevent scope creep to this project (see below). This calendar was agreed upon prior to any work being started to also avoid any confusion, unclear projects and present date of completion for all of the projects deliverables. 

Project Management Timing and Action Calendar
RKO Army Project Management Timing and Action Calendar


  • Unfamiliar with the client and what a shadow cast is
  • Limited to virtual and phone call meetings as there are no current events at the moment
  • Need to identify all deliverables and make sure the content is clear and correct
  • Meeting the all of the deliverable deadlines on time and the client providing feedback with changes based on the timing and action calendar


  • Set up an introductory meeting with my client 
    • To clarify who all stakeholders are during the course of the project 
    • Gain background knowledge about my client (their missions, goals and services)
    • Find out what they are looking to achieve and what work they want my to produce and design for them
  • Provide the client with a timing and action calendar to clearly identify all deliverables and deadlines for both myself and the clients responsibilities
  • Make sure to be proactive in my responses and that the client and I are on-time based on the calendar

The Project Management Process and Design Results

RKO Army Informational Brochure

Over the course of time managing this project for the RKO Army, it has been a great experience working directly with Roy, the Director of RKO Army. In my time working with Roy he has been wonderful to work with and very proactive during this process. From the start he has been available to meet with me over the phone and has been able to provide me with background information and answers to all of my questions along the way. Based on this information I was also able to design an infographic about interactive theater art performances that you are able to view here.

This allowed me to envision all of my clients needs and wants for this project prior to even starting any design concepts. By providing and following the timing and action calendar we were able to achieve all deliverables on time and successfully. You can also see another project I worked on similar to this one, that I have completed prior to managing this project with the RKO Army here, in which I designed a business card based on the new company logo.

Below are all of the completed deliverables that were achieved throughout the course of the project for the RKO Army. 

RKO 2022 Convention Logo

RKO Army Informational Brochure

RKO Army Venue Brochure

RKO Army Informational Fill Out Card

RKO Army Informational Fill Out Card

RKO Army Business Card Design

RKO Army Business Card Design

RKO Army 2022 Convention Hosting Social Media Posts

RKO Army 2022 Convention Hosting Announcement for Social Media
RKO Army 2022 Convention Hosting Announcement for Website Banner

If you are looking to know more about the RKO Army and how to get involved you can visit their website at Or, if you would like me to manage your next project to help bring in more awareness and business to your company contact me today at

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