Branding for Buttonwoods Seltzer Wine


I was tasked with branding a new line extension for a local brewery in Rhode Island. The company I created a seltzer product line for is Buttonwoods Brewery. This project consisted of logo design, package design, strategy presentation, and a brand guide. Among other things, there were also labels, coaster, t-shirts, signage and more designed to match the new branding.

Before Image After Image

Execution of Branding & Package Design

Prior to any project work being produced a company analysis is performed so we can achieve the best outcome through the designs. As a designer, we refer to this as a S.W.O.T. analysis. This is where we gain background knowledge of the company, their goals and what they are looking to achieve by listing out the companies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

For the line extension we added a Seltzer Wine drink product to the line up of beverages. A similar project to this one is my coffee house rebrand. You can see this Cabin Coffee Co. Rebrand by clicking the link. From there you can see how similar but different each process is when designing for packaging.

Seltzer Wine Label Branding Concepts

Label Concepts

After thorough analysis, I was able to concept label and package design options for multiple flavors. After review and feedback, the final labels were made and produced. —- See below

When designing for packaging it is very important to have all of the copy and content you NEED to include listed out so nothing is forgotten. You can view a sample of this list in the image to the left.

After concepts were produced and reviewed, the designs were brought into Adobe Illustrator where the final labels and product was created. When creating rebrand’s style guide, I used Adobe Indesign for the entire creation. This program is the best to use when creating guides, books, and layouts. Layout design does not only refer to booklets, Indesign is also a good program to build menu’s in. Here is a sample of the Poseidon’s Diner Menu where layout design is utilized. To learn more about layout design visit Adobe’s website here.

Once the layout is setup, I began placing all of my content and information into the brand guide. This way the viewer can understand, view and gain knowledge about this brand extension. You can view the final products below including labels, packaging, brand style guide and other branded merchandise.

Final Product

Label & Package Design

Social Media & Advertisement Posts

Brand Guide

Branded Merchandise & Signage

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